Dining Facilities

R.E.A.L. boasts an exceptionally modern, clean and comfortable facility for our guests. The spacious 5,040 sq ft Dining Room has the capacity to serve 60 sit down guests at any given time. Included in our nightly packages are two hot meals, and a take-away bagged lunch. The meals are procured by a team of Red Seal Chefs and Support Staff.

The best quality products are selected in the preparation of our meals and menus. Much time and effort is involved in the selection of our monthly menu choices to ensure that the options are always fresh and new in their presentation. It is the directive of the Dining Team to not repeat a hot meal option verbatim, but to switch up the accompaniments with our staple proteins, to offer dining options that are never predictable. We are setting the bar at a level which others are left to follow.


“At Red Earth Accommodations & Lodging, we pride ourselves on sourcing nothing but the best quality product possible to complement our passion for hospitality. Our Red Seal Chefs and Support Staff are 100% committed to wowing our guests and helping to create an incredible R.E.A.L experience.” –Warren Alley, Executive Chef

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