Theatre Room

Our key motivation at R.E.A.L is to provide excellence in the Camp directed Hospitality Industry. We strive to ensure our guests have a positive overall experience, and make them as comfortable as possible, never losing sight of the fact that certain “luxuries of home” may have to be sacrificed when working in some northern locales.

In an attempt to bring some of those amenities “to the field”, Red Earth Accommodations & Lodging is proud and excited to offer our guests a new on-premise “Theatre Room”. This room is equipped with a state-of-the-art 4K JVC Projector, 150″ screen, surround sound and elevated theatre seating.

The room is specially equipped with a High Definition Satellite to ensure crystal clear viewing of Blue Ray Movies, DVD’s, 3D, and High Definition Satellite channels. The technology in this room exceeds some existing Movie Theatre specifications. Bringing the theatre experience to our clientele is just another example of the commitment we have at R.E.A.L to making your time with us as comfortable and memorable as we can.

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